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Miami Beach Edition

Client Type
South Beach Miami FL
Service Provided
Content Production

Celebrating the allure of The Miami Beach Edition, our collaboration with zimo seamlessly captured the essence of this iconic hotel property. Entrusted to encapsulate its natural beauty, our focus centered on crafting visually stunning photography and captivating video snippets destined for social media platforms. Embracing a minimalist approach, our goal was to showcase the hotel's innate charm without overshadowing its natural splendor. Through strategic framing and expert composition, we transformed moments into timeless visual narratives, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking ambiance of The Miami Beach Edition.

Our Vision

Following meticulous property scouting, our team devised a strategic blueprint to capture cinematic b-roll footage showcasing the grandeur of the hotel. Employing a nostalgic touch, our photographer utilized 120mm film to imbue the photos with a timeless vintage aesthetic. Additionally, we elevated the visual narrative by incorporating stunning drone footage, further enriching the captivating reel meticulously crafted for the Edition.

Content Delivery

Our team expertly captured and meticulously edited a captivating collection of film photographs and a dynamic reel tailored specifically for The Edition's social media platforms.


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Social Strategy

Performance Marketing

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