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W South Beach

Client Type
South Beach Miami, FL
Service Provided
Content Production

In an exhilarating collaboration, W Hotel South Beach joined forces with zimo for an extensive full-day production encompassing both photography and videography services tailored for their vibrant social media platforms. This multifaceted endeavor boasted a diverse team, including videographers, photographers, models, a comprehensive styling department, skilled hair and makeup artists, astute creative directors, adept producers, and proficient production assistants.

Our Vision

W South Beach is synonymous with a distinct brand identity steeped in meticulous aesthetics and precise guidelines. Our dedicated creative team meticulously adhered to these brand standards throughout the planning phase, ensuring each production concept resonated with the hotel's unique ethos. From exploring themes of symmetry, shadows, and texture to artfully playing with black and white contrasts and other visually captivating motifs, every aspect of the production was meticulously curated to reflect the essence of W South Beach.

Content Delivery

The culmination of our 12-hour production extravaganza yielded a captivating gallery of still images captured digitally and on film, alongside 10 dynamic vertical reel edits meticulously tailored for social media platforms. This comprehensive output serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering visually compelling content that resonates with the vibrant spirit of W South Beach.


Stoppin' People Scrollin'

Social Strategy

Our social media strategy for W South Beach was centered around delivering high-quality, visually compelling reel content designed to captivate and engage their audience. By producing dynamic vertical reel edits optimized for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, we aimed to create a consistent and captivating visual narrative that highlighted the hotel's unique aesthetics and vibrant atmosphere. Each reel was meticulously crafted to resonate with W South Beach's brand identity, using thematic storytelling and visually stunning motifs to draw viewers in. Our strategic approach ensured that these reels not only maintained the hotel's distinctive presence but also enhanced its engagement with both loyal patrons and new followers. This focused effort on high-quality reel production helped W South Beach stand out in the competitive social media landscape, driving increased interest and interaction.

Performance Marketing

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