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Gem Shopping Network

Client Type
Atlanta, Georgia
Service Provided
Content Production
Social Media

Gem Shopping Network is your one-stop shop for all fine jewelry. As a leading omni-channel platform for selling fine jewelry and colored gemstones in the United States, they offer a multimedia marketplace that combines entertainment, education, and exceptional buying opportunities for jewelry enthusiasts and luxury buyers nationwide. As their social media agency and production team, we ensured that the essence of their fine jewelry was captured with an educational, aesthetic, and personal touch. Through both video and graphic design, the zimo team delivered high-quality results across Gem Shopping Network's Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube platforms.

Our Vision

Our biggest impacts with Gem Shopping Network have been in the quality of our work, the humanistic touch, and educational content. Throughout our productions, our team excels in executing ideas with top-notch quality and setup design. By providing a more humanistic side to the brand through short-form content with their TV hosts and relatable graphics, we have helped Gem Shopping Network become more shareable among its audience. Additionally, our educational content, including both long-form and short-form videos on topics such as how to clean and store your jewelry, has truly added value to the platform.

Content Delivery

In collaboration with their in-house marketing team, our productions with Gem Shopping Network consistently delivered quality work. We developed a creative direction that showcased different aspects of Gem Shopping Network that viewers didn’t see during the live show. From brand insights to educational content, we aimed to offer more than just a shopping experience. Our goal was to create a community that finds value in the content we share.


Stoppin' People Scrollin'

Social Strategy

Our social media strategy focused on creating high-end content around Gem Shopping Network’s fine jewelry while also providing relatable and valuable content for their audience. Gem Shopping’s main funnel is their live show, and as their social media agency, we aimed to provide platforms where their community could find not only stunning specials on their fine jewelry but also tips on how to care for them, information on birthstones, and an inside view of what happens behind the live show in platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Performance Marketing

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