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neaū water

Client Type
Miami, FL
Service Provided
Content Production
Performance Marketing
Social Media

neaū water reinforces your body’s hydration through chemical and additive free H2O. Leading the way in water innovation, their one of a kind HART technology restores and refines modern water at the molecular level, delivering a light and crisp taste. zimo manages neaū water’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, creating photo, video, and design assets. Additionally, zimo has been developing the brand’s visual identity, marketing strategy, and messaging for social media and beyond.

Our Vision

At zimo, our vision in taking on neaū water as a client is to establish a strong presence for the brand in the Florida market, ensuring it becomes well-known among residents. We aim to position neaū water as a reputable brand by spreading education and awareness about what sets it apart from other water companies in an organic and minimal way that still creates an impact. By creating high-quality, evergreen content, we seek to enhance brand visibility and awareness, ultimately making neaū water a trusted name in the industry.

Content Delivery

zimo has created a comprehensive content bank for neaū water, consisting of photos, videos, and GIFs designed to be evergreen as the brand continues to establish its branding, marketing strategy and messaging. Our photo content focuses primarily on product photography, showcasing neaū water's unique features, with some lifestyle photography to contextualize the product in everyday use. Our video content emphasizes product videography, complemented by lifestyle footage, to highlight both the quality of the product and its practical benefits.


Stoppin' People Scrollin'

Social Strategy

On social media, zimo has established neaū water’s online presence as a reputable water company. We have focused on promoting the brand’s partnership with the Miami Marlins as the official beverage sponsor of the team. We have showcased other notable collaborations with organizations such as CONCACAF and the Longines Global Champions Tour. Through the content created at our zimo Productions, including reels, unique graphics, designs promoting consumer reviews, Instagram stories, and social media and DMs management, we have established a strong foundation for this water brand on social media.

Performance Marketing

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