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HYDE Midtown

Client Type
Miami, FL
Service Provided
Content Production
Social Media

Located at the center of culture between Wynwood and the Miami Design District, Hyde Midtown Miami brings the signature Hyde Hotels brand and the freedom of a festival to Midtown. From its sleek and stylish accommodations, to an array of amenities and its strategic location, Hyde Midtown embodies the essence of modern hospitality and urban sophistication at the heart of Miami’s art and cultural landscape. As an agency, zimo provides Hyde Midtown with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to enhance its online presence and brand visibility on Instagram and Facebook. Through our expertise in social media management, content creation, and digital marketing, we craft compelling social media posts and create visually striking photo and video content that resonate with Hyde Midtown's target audience.

Our Vision

Through thoughtful execution, zimo seamlessly integrated Hyde Hotels’ new social media guidelines, brand focus, and content strategy, ushering in a fresh era for the hotel on socials. Our creative productions breathed new life into Hyde Midtown's online persona, showcasing its revamped identity. By thinking outside the box we ensured that the content remained dynamic and engaging, captivating audiences and fostering organic engagement across the accounts. zimo also played a pivotal role in promoting Hyde Midtown Miami as a hub for creativity and culture, actively showcasing its new art exhibitions and fostering collaborations with partners like Manolis Projects Gallery. Through strategic social media campaigns and engaging content, we highlighted the hotel's commitment to artistic expression and community engagement, further solidifying its reputation as a cultural hotspot in the heart of Miami.

Content Delivery

Through our creative expertise, we crafted visually intriguing content that encapsulated the unique vision of the fresh Hyde re-brand. Taking a trip into the fun and festive world that is Hyde, our productions embrace quirky and funky filmmaking techniques, adding a dynamic and vibrant flair to the hotel's online presence that aligns with the Hyde Hotels global brand. Our content showcases the hotel's vibrant atmosphere, inviting viewers on an immersive journey into the Hyde experience, while effectively communicating its distinct personality and offerings.


Stoppin' People Scrollin'

Social Strategy

zimo revitalized Hyde Midtown Miami’s social media presence on Instagram and Facebook by infusing vibrant colors and key elements of the Hyde Hotels re-brand across all platforms. Our captivating array of reels, captions, story series, and collaborative social media content significantly boosted organic engagement, leveraging user-generated content and showcasing all of the property's amenities. Our strategic approach brought the sun-drenched, freedom-of-a-festival focus to the social accounts, creating a cohesive and inviting online experience for Hyde Midtown's audience.

Performance Marketing

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