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Delilah Miami

Client Type
Miami, FL
Service Provided
Content Production

As the grand opening of Delilah’s in Miami approached, they enlisted the expertise of zimo for content creation. Their request: high-quality photos of their latest menu offerings to be spotlighted across social media and print platforms. With precision and artistry, we meticulously crafted a photography production to encapsulate the essence of Delilah’s, showcasing not just their delectable cuisine but also the inviting ambiance of their establishment.

Our Vision

We aimed to encapsulate the immersive dining experience at Delilah’s while highlighting their delectable menu offerings. Our strategy involved capturing captivating photos of carefully selected menu items within the restaurant's elegant setting. By integrating the distinctive elephant marble counters and lush greenery found throughout the lounge, we sought to provide a glimpse into the inviting atmosphere of Delilah’s. Through the use of artistic framing and evocative lighting, we intensified this ambiance, ensuring it resonated powerfully in the final presentation.

Content Delivery

The culmination of our food photography productions? An enticing array of delectable stills, inviting viewers to experience the sheer beauty of Delilah’s culinary creations. Every photograph meticulously showcases the meticulous attention to detail and culinary craftsmanship poured into each dish. From the careful preparation to the artful plating, each image serves as a testament to the culinary mastery awaiting guests at Delilah’s.


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Social Strategy

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