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The Conscious Bar

Client Type
Miami, FL
Service Provided
Content Production

The Conscious Bar approached zimo with a unique request: to create captivating video assets showcasing their diverse range of chocolate bar flavors. Setting themselves apart from conventional chocolates, they crafted their bars with dates and cacao as the primary ingredients, offering an array of enticing flavors such as tahini, orange, and toasted almond.

Our Vision

At the heart of these videos was the desire to highlight the natural ingredients that form the essence of The Conscious Bar chocolates. Our team meticulously orchestrated a montage, tracing the journey of these ingredients from their raw form to the creation of the final chocolate bars. Striving for brevity and engagement, we crafted a dynamic video showcasing the full spectrum of flavors available.

Content Delivery

The outcome of this dedicated video shoot was a succinct 45-second horizontal commercial, perfectly encapsulating the essence and allure of The Conscious Bar's unique chocolate creations.


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