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Richard’s Gems & Jewelry

Client Type
Miami, FL
Service Provided
Content Production

Richard’s Gems & Jewelry approached zimo with a singular objective: to create captivating content that dazzles and delights! Their vision? Showcasing select pieces from their exquisite jewelry collection through meticulously crafted photos and videos in a studio setting.

Our Vision

Drawing upon our creative expertise, the zimo team conceptualized a luxurious yet evocatively moody ambiance within the studio, setting the stage for models to elegantly showcase these resplendent jewelry pieces. Employing unique lighting techniques, we skillfully captured the brilliance and allure of the gemstones, ensuring each piece radiated with captivating sparkle and sophistication.

Content Delivery

The result? A stunning gallery of digital images and three captivating horizontal video advertisements, each meticulously curated to highlight the timeless elegance and unmatched beauty of Richard’s Jewels’ extraordinary collection.


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Social Strategy

Performance Marketing

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