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Miami FL
Service Provided
Content Production

The zimo team joined forces with Shopbop to capture the essence of their Shopbop Pop Up Influencer Retreat in vibrant Miami. This immersive week-long affair unfolded with a series of daily events and activities, graciously hosted by esteemed clothing brand partners. Welcoming both local luminaries and influencers from afar, the retreat buzzed with excitement as attendees indulged in fashion-forward experiences.

Our Vision

Guided by a vision of sophistication and timelessness, our team embarked on a mission to encapsulate the essence of each event through captivating photography. Leveraging strobe flash lighting techniques, we meticulously crafted images that exuded high-fashion allure, elevating the ambiance of every gathering. With meticulous precision, our team seamlessly navigated the process of shooting, selecting, editing, and delivering photos to the Shopbop team on the same day as each event. This swift turnaround ensured that the vibrancy and excitement of the retreat were instantly immortalized and shared with attendees and followers alike.

Content Delivery

As the week drew to a close, the Shopbop team received a comprehensive collection of photos, serving as a vibrant recap of their Miami Influencer Retreat. Armed with this visual narrative, they were able to extend the reach and impact of the event by sharing these captivating moments with attendees and beyond.


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