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Client Type
Brickell, Miami FL
Service Provided
Content Production

zimo proudly contributed to the inaugural content creation for the launch of NZT-48, a groundbreaking functional energy supplement brand inspired by the iconic pill from the movie 'Limitless.' Promising natural and functional energy while reducing brain fog, NZT-48 embodies innovation and vitality. Our team embarked on a visionary journey, conceptualizing and crafting a dynamic shoot that follows models incorporating NZT-48 into their daily routines.

Our Vision

With NZT-48's ambitious brand tone in mind, our team meticulously curated a fast-paced video presentation, highlighting how the supplement empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and conquer each day with vigor.

Content Delivery

The NZT-48 brand exudes dynamism and vitality, and our team's creative execution echoed these sentiments. We proudly delivered a captivating gallery of lifestyle photos showcasing the product seamlessly integrated into everyday routines, alongside a compelling video advertisement emphasizing the transformative benefits of NZT-48.


Stoppin' People Scrollin'

Social Strategy

Our content production team captured the essence of NZT-48, showcasing its promise of natural energy and reduced brain fog. Through dynamic visuals and engaging narratives, we crafted a social media campaign that not only highlights the product's benefits but also resonates with an audience eager to unlock their full potential.

Performance Marketing

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