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Client Type
Miami, FL
Service Provided
Content Production

Assay Jewelers partnered with the zimo team to curate an exquisite collection of still photography, highlighting their stunning jewelry pieces. Eager to depict the elegance of these pieces in real-life scenarios, Assay envisioned a captivating studio shoot featuring models adorned with over 50 exquisite pieces.

Our Vision

Embracing the ethos of minimalism, our creative approach aimed for understated sophistication. With a 'less is more' mantra guiding us, we meticulously curated every aspect of the shoot, from styling and makeup to selecting models and designing the set, ensuring each element contributed to a narrative of quiet luxury.

Content Delivery

Our collaboration with Assay yielded a breathtaking array of images, showcasing numerous jewelry pieces elegantly modeled by our talented team. Additionally, we crafted a dynamic social media reel, encapsulating the essence of Assay's refined craftsmanship and timeless allure.


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Social Strategy

Performance Marketing

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