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Client Type
Miami, FL
Service Provided
Content Production

Itavi, a childcare service rooted in the philosophy of "it takes a village," enlisted the expertise of zimo to craft a compelling commercial that vividly encapsulates the essence of their service journey.

Our Vision

Our objective was clear: to produce a professional and visually captivating commercial that provides prospective clients with a glimpse into the enriching experience of enrolling their child in Itavi's care. Leveraging a family as our talent and drawing upon the expertise of the Itavi team, we set out to bring this vision to life.

Content Delivery

The result of our collaborative efforts was a series of meticulously edited commercial versions, each offering a unique perspective on the invaluable services provided by Itavi. From versions featuring emotive voice overs to those set to uplifting music, our aim was to resonate with audiences on a profound level, highlighting the unparalleled care and support offered by Itavi.


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Social Strategy

Performance Marketing

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