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Sushi Lucy

Client Type
North Miami Beach
Service Provided
Content Production

Sushi Lucy partnered with zimo to produce captivating food photography for their submission to a prestigious local competition, vying for the title of Best Sushi Restaurant in North Miami. These professionally crafted images were strategically planned to feature prominently in the contest, local publications, social media channels, and their official website, showcasing the exquisite artistry and culinary delights that define Sushi Lucy's renowned dining experience.

Our Vision

At Sushi Lucy, our vision was to merge cinematic storytelling with the timeless elegance of Japanese artistry. We aimed to spotlight not only our culinary creations but also the unique essence of traditional Japanese design. Central to our concept was showcasing our iconic sushi river, where boats adorned with delectable delights gracefully traverse the restaurant. To bring this vision to life, our team meticulously curated mood boards and shot lists, meticulously aligning with our creative objectives. Employing atmospheric strobe lighting, we captured each scene with dramatic flair, while incorporating abundant wood textures and earthy hues accented by subtle Japanese floral motifs. The result? A visual journey that seamlessly marries innovation with tradition, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the enchanting world of Sushi Lucy.

Content Delivery

Our dedicated team meticulously curated a collection of 30 stunningly edited photographs, capturing both the inviting ambiance of our restaurant interiors and the tantalizing allure of our signature menu items. Each image artfully embodies the spirit of Sushi Lucy—where the timeless art of traditional sushi seamlessly blends with contemporary innovation.


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